Højer Windmill

Museum and a well-preserved cultural milieu

Gate to the Tønder Marsh and the Wadden Sea National Park

Water is central to the story of the Tønder marsh. The marsh has been created by the sea and since then shaped by man for hundreds of years. With yards, dikes, locks and canals, man has made a mark on the landscape in Denmark's largest marsh area.

The new exhibition at Højer Mill is an introduction to the Tønder marsh, and invites you to explore one of Denmark's most distinctive cultural landscapes, which contains a rich building culture and some of Europe's best bird areas. The beautiful area is part of the Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Exhibition made by: Tøndermarsk Initiative and Nordea-Fonden.
  • Exhibition design: JAC Studios & No Parking
  • Lighting. Gobo A/S

Jac Studios and No Parking
Lighting of the exhibition in collaboration with JAC studios and No Parking
A lighting that is in line with the exhibition design and helps with communication

See the effective LED lighting at Højer Mølle

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