Gobo's environmental policy


Caring for the Environment and Society

At Gobo Inc., our commitment lies in safeguarding the environment and climate across all our activities.
This commitment is realized through deliberate initiatives and the responsible utilization of resources. Our focus aligns with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, concentrating our direct efforts on three of these goals:

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 13: Climate Action

Our concentrated endeavors center on waste and energy management within our company, recognizing that these areas offer the most impactful opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint.

Waste Management

We meticulously sort our waste into ten essential categories: food waste, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, food and beverage cartons, hazardous waste, textiles, and residual waste. Notably, the refunds from our deposits are directed towards assisting vulnerable groups and supporting children-focused activities.
Furthermore, we actively embrace packaging reuse as a means to minimize resource wastage. We remain informed about emerging sustainable packaging alternatives.

Energy Efficiency

Within our warehouse and our four offices situated in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Västerås, and Stockholm, we utilize energy-efficient LED lighting and employ heating optimization strategies. A pivotal step occurred in 2019, with the conversion of 98% of our lighting to LED technology, resulting in a substantial reduction in kilowatt consumption.
In Brøndby, in 2024, we have installed solar panels to provide electricity for our total consumption.

In 2021, we introduced charging stations at our Aarhus and Sweden branches, not only catering to our customers but also promoting electric vehicle usage among our employees. In Rødovre, our upcoming plan entails installing solar panels to fully cover our electricity requirements. In conjunction with this project, charging stations will also be installed.
To cultivate an energy-conscious workplace, all employees are trained to switch off lights when not in use.

Enhancing Heating Efficiency

We derive our heating from district heating sources. Initiatives to improve heating efficiency include the installation of heat exchangers in all meeting rooms in early 2020. Additionally, we engage in an annual process of insulating doors and windows to enhance overall energy conservation.

Partners Committed to the Environment and Climate

Optimized Goods Transportation

Our approach to transportation emphasizes order consolidation to mitigate the transportation impact. We maintain a close partnership with our transportation supplier, prioritizing CO2-friendly transportation methods whenever feasible. Through a collaborative effort with DSV, we produce an annual Transport-CO2 report.

Supplier Relationships

A significant portion of our manufacturing suppliers share our commitment to reducing their respective companies' carbon footprints. Regular dialogues concerning recycling and sustainability underscore our partnerships.
Supplier selection hinges on the delivery of high-quality, functional products. We only engage in business with suppliers who align with these standards. The products we offer are predominantly developed in Europe and partially manufactured there. Any products originating from outside Europe undergo thorough quality checks upon entering Europe.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality extends to an ongoing quality control process for all products prior to dispatch from our warehouse. Products failing to meet our stringent quality criteria are promptly removed from our product range.

Product Repairability

Our product design prioritizes repairability, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing waste. We maintain our own service workshop in Copenhagen and collaborate with strategically situated service workshops, enhancing customer service in Denmark and Sweden.

A Continuing Journey of Improvement

We remain dedicated to continuous improvement and optimization of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts. For a comprehensive ESG report, please sent requets to the following email-link: