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Ljusdesign by Gobo


For more than 30 years Ljusdesign has supplied high quality display lighting for exhibition purposes.

The LED fixtures and lighting systems of the prestigious brand are based on pure white LED chips to achieve the highest quality of light output.

Ljusdesign has taken the qualities of theatre spots and created miniature versions that make them optimal for emphasising storytelling at exhibitions. Today, Ljusdesign is one of Sweden´s leading manufacturer of museum lighting and their products are considered as standard tools among lighting designers.

The brand is designed and developed in Sweden and is one of few brands that make their own products. With design and production in Sweden, Ljusdesign focuses on quality, using sustainable materials and repairable products that last.

We are proud to represent Ljusdesign and offer flexible solutions for all kinds of exhibitions.

Henrik Vierø

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Jens Lind


Office: +45 70 20 19 66 
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